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Aviation's Lodge History

The reason for forming a Lodge for aviators was well expressed by WBro George Hookham in the oration given at the Consecration ceremony: “The founders of this new lodge are those who are experts at keeping machines heavier than air right up above the clouds. However, they must have their feet firmly on the ground. In Ovid’s poem on the founding of Rome, Romulus and Remus decided to put their faith in the omen of the birds – the aves; and so today we put our faith in a group of aviators.”

This reason for forming Aviation Lodge was ratified in a resolution passed in June 1974 to the effect that the Lodge admits to membership “only those persons who have acted officially as qualified air crew”.

These days, anyone who has flown – even as a passenger – on any airline, is welcome as a member!

And so the lodge blends the brotherhood of Freemasonry with the esprit de corps of the world of aviation.

The Charter Master, WBro Merton Freeman, went on to become an Assistant District Grand Master in 1973, Deputy District Grand Master in 1981 and the District Grand Master in 1989.

Aviation Lodge meets 8 times a year at Freemasons’ Hall, Park Lane, Parktown, Johannesburg.